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Ada Salas

Founder of Bittersweet-Club

She is a wife, mother, women’s advocate and business process consultant, in that order. She gained international job experience by working in multinational consulting firms and as a freelance in LatAm, Europe, South-Africa, and ASIA. She works at Merck KGaA as a ERP CMO Process Owner in the Health Care business sector. She considers herself a people centered and an impact driven person.

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Angelica Timofte

Technology aficionado & Bittersweet-Club Volunteer

Angelica is passionate about digital innovation and curious on how  technology can help improve lives and solve real problems. Currently in a global role at Merck as Lead to Order Process Owner, working across multiple geographies and with a diversity of cultures.  A fierce advocate for gender balance at work  and modern leadership styles. Besides the day to day job, she is consulting on platform ecosystem business models and is advisory of a digital start-up team.

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Luana Alexe

Product Marketing Manager & Bittersweet-Club Volunteer

Luana Alexe is a product marketing manager working in innovation and a ( soon, wannabe) writer. Born in Romania, but living in Germany. Luana has worked in several countries and managed projects across borders, most of those working for Deutsche Telekom and subsidiaries. She loves that her job combines technology and marketing. She strongly supports women leadership and advocates for women's rights and equality.

Last but not least, she loves chocolate, castles, connecting with like minded women and dreams about writing a novel.

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