We enable purposeful networking by designing different platforms that offer development opportunities and inspiration; always seeking for personal and professional growth for our attendees. 

Our journey started in 2017 with women, it is the way Inspiring Women Inspiring Summit and MyRelaunch where created. Two different formats that address women striving equal opportunities in the work force.

In 2019 Bittersweet-club wanted to approach gender inequality with a different approach and our team decided that society as a whole needs to take part in solving such issues, it is how Inspiring Talks Series was created; an inclusive platform for people to share their opinion, ideas or simply share an inspiring story. All genders come together on the seek of inspiration through developing public speaking skills.

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Create an inclusive and balanced network willing to share experiences, knowledge and develop one another. 


To be the network of support, development and inspiration for our community.


Social club of inclusive environment where people come together to learn, dream, inspire, connect and help each other.