connecting purposefully to grow.

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It is about connecting purposefully — While our world gets faster, more digital, more transparent and more accessible, meaningful relationships are more difficult to nurture, technology has also had a huge effect on creating larger gaps between one another — Not necessarily in physical distance, but in interpersonal relationships. Yet building meaningful relationships starts by sharing a common interest.

We are a network of people that want to  connect one another with the common interest of contributing to a better world by inspiring our community to take the leap to stretch ourselves on the seek of development.

If you would like to connect and start building an inspiring network, then join one of our events, have a look at what is coming.


We are looking forwards to welcome you!

Upcoming events


People from every walk of life who seek for inspiration are welcome. We believe in the power of stories to connect and change attitudes.​ These series enable people's growth through sharing a story and embrace public speaking and at the same time enable inspiration to our community. 

Our agenda is to share great stories and spark conversation. Come, join us and get inspired by our community! 

The theme this time is - Transformation;

Humans are not meant to stop growing. Progress in life is all about reinvention and ultimately transformation. 
Reinvention, leaves the end open to endless opportunities to continue exploring new parts of oneself. 


Women empowerment has gained momentum, all over the world through activism. More women than ever before have access to better opportunities. Yet, gender equality disparities remain across the world. Issues related to the lack of female representation in leadership positions or in fields like STEM require a special awareness and call for action.

The Inspiring Women Summit 2020 will address the whole spectrum guided by the theme “let equality bloom” and three pillars;


1) Honor and celebrate women who changed the world

2) Plan the seed in uneven fields (STEM)

3) Let equality bloom.

Bittersweet-club welcomes women of all ages and professional backgrounds to come together, to have a one-day event filled with inspiration and personal development through workshops, speeches, breakout sessions, guided networking, delicious lunch and much more.


The mission is to bring awareness, empower, educate and equip women with the knowledge and community to create and grow professionally.

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